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2002 Roman Missal

The Third Edition of the Roman Missal was published on 22 March 2002 and delivered to me on 4 April 2002. Various parts of it are described:

Error referring to a fourth part that does not exist

Error in listing Ash Wednesdays on Tuesdays in leap years.

Comparison of GIRM translations for USA (2003) and England and Wales (2004)

Apostles' Creed Error?

Did the Pope authorize the Third Edition Roman Missal in 2001?

Decree Description 16 April 2002

Ministers in Masses Modifications 15 April 2002

Top Ten Differences in General Instructions 11 April 2002

Detailed differences of 2000 to 2002 General Instructions

Physical Description

Comparison of the Order of Mass - 1975 and 2002

Comparison of Mass with only one minister, without congregation 1975 and 2002

Kneeling after "Lamb of God" - new 2002 instruction

Differences in the General Instructions noticed on 4 April 2002

By J.R. Lilburne, 6 April 2002. Last updated 21 October 2008.

  Reports on a new Latin edition of the Roman Missal, October 2008: "Mass Could End with More than "Go in Peace" of 14 October 2008. "Vatican prepares three alternative endings for dismissal at Mass" by John Thavis of 20 October 2008.

Order of Mass PDF at /missalformation/index.shtml

Full Latin text of 2002 Roman Missal at (Vatican's Congregation for the Clergy)


GIRM of Australia, published on internet 3 July 2007 (click on Printable Version to download PDF)

GIRM of England and Wales published on internet April 2005

English/Welsh GIRM translation announced

US translation of 2002 GIRM posted 31 March 2003

USCCB BCL Newsletter March/April 2002 - describes the changes to the contents of the Missal and indults for the US.

Roman Missal Formation Materials of USCCB BCL

Liturgy Series of Archbishop Chaput