A list of changes made following the 2002 Roman Missal to John Lilburne's Ministers in Masses, which was based on the 2000 Institutio Generalis.


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Ministers in Masses Modifications

I have revised Ministers in Masses to try and reflect the changes of the 2002 Roman Missal, compared to the 2000 Institutio Generalis. Ministers in Masses describes the celebration of the Eucharist from start to finish, focusing on which ministers do what, for various types of Catholic Mass. It was written in 2000 and posted on the Internet in January 2001.

The following links go to changes made today, 15 April 2002:

Another place for silence, n. 36

People in procession and a replaced comma, n. 46

Flowers for the Lord's Supper, n. 54

Pall added to list, n. 55

One minister participating, not assisting, n. 57

Necessary vessels replaces chalice. Missal on left removed, n. 57

Missal and other liturgical books, n. 66

Replaced "liturgical law" phrase, n. 89

Praiseworthy and Book of the Gospels on altar, n. 91 and n. 94

Kiss altar, then Sign of the Cross, n. 120

No Kyrie with Sprinkling, n. 125

"Brief silence" no longer brief, n. 149

Priest does not have to remain at altar until end of intercessions, n. 154

Sequence before Alleluia, not after, n. 170

Gospel not to be read at the altar, n. 180

Apostles' Creed now available? n. 199

"As a rule" gone from intercessions location, n. 202

"lector" removed from intercessions, n 205

Pall added, contradiction removed, n. 214

Definitely allowing song without procession, n. 221

Custom to kneel at Lamb of God ..., n. 248

Custom to kneel at Agnus Dei ..., n. 272

Communion Antiphon at one minister Mass, n. 276

Acolyte holds chalice for intinction, n. 287

Cleansings by instituted acolyte, not just any acolyte, n. 293

Pall allowed on altar, n. 294

Cleansings by acolythus rite institutus n. 299

Chair/altar not altar/chair n. 307

Omit concluding rite or dismissal rite? n. 310

Book of the Gospels not in final procession, n. 322

A modification of 19 April 2002:

Ministers may consume remaining consecrated wine, n. 296

If anyone wants it, the whole big, original Ministers in Masses.

Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 15 April 2002.