The 2002 Roman Missal, page 591, a scanned image showing a mistake. 


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Roman Missal

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Ribbon, tabs and a mistake

The 2002 Roman Missal, showing a ribbon, tabs and and a full page. It is page 591, which seems to have an error near the bottom of the page. Before the Sanctus is written what appears to be the remains of a rubric "Aliae melodiae in Graduali romano inveniuntur". It means something like "Another melody in the Roman Graduale may be used". But it is not printed as a rubric, in red, but in black. This would mean it would be sung as part of the Eucharistic Prayer. In this case faithfully following the liturgical book means not exactly as printed.



Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 16 April 2002. Last updated 17 April 2002. The Roman Missal is copyright "apud Administrationem Patrimonii Sedis Apostolicae in Civitate Vaticana".