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Gospel Procession

171. The singing is to accompany the Gospel procession (IG 44). The following descriptions include the use of incense (which is optional).

172. For Mass without a deacon or concelebrants (IG 132 - 134):

173. During the singing of the Alleluia, the priest puts incense in the thurible and blesses it.

174. With hands joined he makes a profound bow before the altar and inaudibly says Almighty God, cleanse my heart.

175. If the Book of the Gospels is carried from the altar to the ambo it is held up by the priest. The lay ministers who carry the thurible and candles walk ahead of him.

176. All present turn towards the ambo.

177. When the priest says "A reading from the Holy Gospel..." he makes the sign of the cross with his thumb on the book, his forehead, mouth and chest. Everyone else does this as well. The priest then incenses the book with three swings.

178. For Mass With a Deacon (IG 175): The deacon assists the priest when he puts incense in the censer during the singing of the Alleluia or other chant. The deacon makes a profound bow to the presiding priest. The deacon makes the sign of the cross when he is blessed.

179. For Mass With Concelebrants: If there is no deacon, the Gospel is read by one of the concelebrants, not by the celebrant (IG 59).

180. Mass with only one minister, without a congregation: If the minister is a deacon he reads the Gospel (IG 253). If not, it is read by the priest (IG 262). It is unclear where the priest reads from, since IG 260 suggests the ambo, but IG 257 suggests at the altar.

2002 IG 256-257 have been rewritten. There is no longer a suggestion that the Gospel would be read at the altar.

181. For Mass with Children: It is permissible to choose readings directly from the Bible, rather than from the Lectionary. (DMC 43). If there is only the Gospel reading, the Alleluia may be sung after the homily, instead of before the Gospel (DMC 46).

182. For a Stational Mass (CB 140 - 141):

183. At the Alleluia, the bishop remains seated, when everyone else stands. The thurifer presents the thurible and a deacon (or assisting priest in his absence) presents the incense boat to the bishop. After blessing the deacon, the Bishop takes off the miter and stands.

184. At the altar, the deacon is joined by the thurifer and acolytes with lighted candles. The deacon bows to the altar, takes the Book of the Gospels, and without further reverence to the altar, carries the book to the ambo, preceded by the thurifer and acolytes with candles.

185. The bishop takes the staff when the three crosses are made.

186. After the reading the deacon may kiss the book himself, or take it to the bishop for him to kiss it.

187. According to IG 175, "the bishop may impart a blessing to the people with the Book of the Gospels".



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