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117. Standing at the chair, the priest makes the sign of the cross together with the whole assembly (IG 50). If a minister is holding a book, it will need to be held in the left hand. A detailed description of how a bishop makes the sign of the cross is given in CB 108: he places his left hand on his chest, unless holding something, holds the palm of the right hand turned toward himself, with all the fingers joined and held straight, and makes the sign of the cross by moving his hand from forehead to chest and from left shoulder to right.

118. According to IG 275 and CB 68, a bow of the head is to be made when the three divine persons are named (as well as at the name of Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the saint in whose honour Mass is celebrated). However descriptions of the sign of the cross do not include bowing the head. Perhaps this point could be regulated by bishops for their diocese.

119. The usual response to the greeting is "And also with you". However for the greeting "The grace and peace of God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ be with you" the response is "Blessed be God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ."

120. For Mass without a congregation, with only one minister, the priest bows to the altar, makes the sign of the cross, greets the minister and then kisses the altar. (IG 257).

2002 IG 256-257 have been changed so the altar is kissed before the Sign of the Cross is made.

121. For Mass combined with Morning Prayer or Evening Prayer (from the Liturgy of the Hours) the "entrance song, procession, and celebrant's greeting" may be replaced by the introduction and hymn of the Liturgy of the Hours. (GILH 94, 96)



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