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Chapter 2: Preparation


35. According to CB 110, it is a custom for all who enter a church to dip their hand in a font (stoup) of blessed water and sign themselves with the sign of the cross, as a reminder of their baptism.

36. Silence in the church, before Mass, is encouraged in IG 45: "Even before the celebration itself, it is praiseworthy for silence to be observed in church, in the sacristry and adjacent areas".

2002 IG 45 adds the vesting room or "secretarium" as another place where silence should be observed.

37. According to CB 71, everyone who enters a church should visit the blessed sacrament chapel, or at least genuflect to the blessed sacrament. The Cross is genuflected to from the time of solemn adoration of Good Friday until the beginning of the Easter Vigil (CB 69).

38. According to CB 72, a bow of the body is made to the altar "by all who enter the sanctuary (chancel), leave it, or pass before the altar". IG 275 says a bow of the body is made to the altar, but without saying when this is done. The IG describes the bow for the entrance procession, and procession at the end of Mass. Bishops could clarify whether the deep bow is required when preparing the sanctuary for Mass.

39. Vesting takes place in the vesting room, which should be close to the entrance of the church, and may be separate from the sacristry.



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