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Blessing and Sprinkling with Water

124. According to IG 51-52:

In place of the customary penitential rite, the blessing and sprinkling with water may occasionally be performed.

52. Then the Kyrie always begins, unless it has already been included as part of the penitential rite.

125. The 1975 English translation of the Order of Mass had in the rubrics (about sprinkling with water): "The Kyrie is also omitted." It seems that this will be changed, so that the Kyrie is not omitted when there is a sprinkling.

2002 Roman Missal, page 1252 describes the rite of sprinkling with what I translate as "When it is prescribed the Gloria is then sung or said". So the Kyrie is omitted with the sprinkling, despite the use of always ("semper") in IG 52.

126. The Stational Mass omits the Kyrie when there is a sprinkling (CB 134).



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