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Dismissal and Procession

317. In Mass with a deacon, he says Go in the peace of Christ (IG 185).

318. No provision has been made for a song after the dismissal. In IG 44, the procession after the dismissal is notably absent from those to be accompanied with song.

319. After the dismissal, the altar is kissed by the priest and deacon, "followed with a profound bow to the altar by the priest, the deacon and other ministers." (IG 90).

320. According to IG 193 "the acolyte and other ministers return in procession to the sacristy with the deacon and the priest in the same way and in the same order in which they entered".

321. Therefore, if incense has been used during the Mass, the thurifer will lead the procession, carrying the thurible, although incense is not added to it. (No provision is made to carry the thurible between the sanctuary and sacristry during the Mass, and doing so may be a distraction. Perhaps it could be placed on a stand, in the sanctuary, during the homily.)

322. Candles are taken from the altar, the Book of the Gospels is carried, and the processional cross.

15 April 2002 update. I think I was wrong, saying the Book of the Gospels should be carried out. According to the introduction to The Book of the Gospels, n. 22 "The Book of the Gospels is not carried in the procession at the end of Mass."

According to the decree for the USA translation: "The Book of the Gospels was canonically approved for use by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops on November 16, 1999 and was subsequently confirmed by the Apostolic See by decree of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments on May 23, 2000 (Prot. 2742/99/L)." I found this information on The Book of the Gospels on www.catholicliturgy.com.

323. According to IG 274 "If there is a tabernacle with the Blessed Sacrament in the sanctuary the priest, deacon and other ministers genuflect to it when they approach or leave the altar, but not during the celebration of Mass itself. ... Ministers who are carrying the processional cross or the candles bow their head in place of a genuflection."

324. For Mass with only one minister, without a congregation, the dismissal is omitted. The priest kisses the altar, and he and the minister make a profound bow to the altar (IG 272).

325. For a Stational Mass, at the vesting room or sacristy, all make a reverence to the cross with the bishop. The concelebrants and ministers bow to the bishop, then lay aside what they have been carrying and their vestments. "All are to be careful in observing silence, out of respect for a spirit of recollection and the holiness of the house of God" (CB 170).

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