is about the liturgy, or rites, of the Catholic Church. The Roman rite, is discussed, but not the Eastern rites. Major topics are liturgical laws, instituted lectors and the Third Edition of the Roman Missal. John Lilburne is the site owner. 

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2002 Roman Missal

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Instituted Lectors

Tribunal Case - on lectors which finished September 2001

Ministers in Masses - A discussion of liturgical laws based on the 2000 General Instruction of the Roman Missal, (also called Institutio Generalis).

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The First Message of Pope Benedict XVI of 20 April 2005 included: "I ask everyone to intensify in coming months love and devotion to the Eucharistic Jesus and to express in a courageous and clear way the real presence of the Lord, above all through the solemnity and the correctness of the celebrations."

John Paul II's general prayer intention for January 2001 was "That Christians may favor the evangelization of the new generations through the constant search for the unity wanted by Christ."

His missionary intention: "That through civil and religious education every form of intolerance and discrimination may be uprooted all over the world."

In a letter to the bishops of Australia, on 14 December 1998, he wrote:

"There is a great need to speak the truth clearly and with love,
and to do so confidently,
since the truth we proclaim belongs to Christ
and is in fact the truth for which all people long,
no matter how uninterested or resistant they may seem.?"

In his encyclical of 17 April 2003 Ecclesia de Eucharistia he wrote:

"I consider it my duty, therefore to appeal urgently that the liturgical norms for the celebration of the Eucharist be observed with great fidelity."

This site aims to contribute to this.

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Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum

Australian approved GIRM

Apostolic Exhortation Sacramentum Caritatis

Eucharist Synod

Instrumentum Laboris for Eucharist Synod, July 2005

Lectors at Pope's Funeral

Decree on Indulgences for the Year of the Eucharist

Year of the Eucharist Suggestions and Proposals, 29 October 2004

Apostolic Exhortation for Year of the Eucharist, October 2004

Cardinal Mahony allowing non-compliance with Instruction, September 2004

Lineamenta for synod on Eucharist

Instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum published 23 April 2004

Changed Encyclical

Encyclical "Ecclesia de Eucharistia" 17 April 2003

US translation of 2002 GIRM posted 31 March 2003

Liturgy Series of Archbishop Chaput

Cardinal Arinze

Free Roman Missal Formation Materials from USCCB

Ordination Rite translation

Readers at the Vatican, 4 July 2002

USA adaptations to Missal, approved 17 April

New Norms in US on Purifications

Kneeling at Lamb of God

2002 General Instruction of the Roman Missal different to the 2000 GIRM

New Rules are church law, 22 March 2002

Third Edition Roman Missal on sale

Acolytes and the 2001 letter about female altar servers

Vatican "proposed a new approach" on Roman Missal - 13 Nov 2001 report

New Martyrology

A new Roman Missal was not published in 2001

The Fifth Instruction - Liturgiam authenticam - of 25 April 2001

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