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My discussion of the Liturgy Series, 18 February 2003


Archbishop Chaput

Archbishop Chaput, of Denver U.S.A. began a Liturgy Series on 11 September 2002, describing it as "The first in a series of articles about the Catholic Mass and the new Roman Missal".

The newspaper articles are at archden.org/archbishop/ab04.htm

Here are links to the individual articles in the Liturgy Series:

1. How we pray shapes what we believe

2. Nature of priesthood marks Catholic faith

3. Mass a conversation of love with God

4. Deacons: Ministers of the Word, altar, charity

5. Mass shared dialogue between priest, faithful

6. Introductory Rites

7. Liturgy of the Word

8. Homilies: nourishment from table of word

9. Presenting gifts allows each to make offering of self

10. The Eucharistic Prayer: Heart of the Mass

11. The 'Our Father': Appropriate Gestures for Prayer

12. Rite of Peace

13. Communion Rite: the 'breaking of the bread'

14. Communion Rite

15. Ordinary, extraordinary ministers

16. Receiving Communion

17. Communion: reverence, not blessing

18. Concluding Rite: Mass takes its name from 'dismissal'

19. Liturgy Series Concludes: Mass ends as it began, with reverence (5 March 2003)

By J.R. Lilburne, 11 February 2003. Last updated 7 March 2003. I give what I have written on this page to the public domain.