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8 March 2002 report suggesting imminent publication

New Roman Missal launch expected 22 March 2002



A new Roman Missal was not published in 2001.

8 July 2001

The publication date of the new Roman Missal, expected about 30 June 2001, is now in doubt. A recent change in the News Section of www.IXTmedia.com has: "5-July: New Latin edition of Missale Romanum may be published at the end of this year." There is a link to be informed "when the Missale becomes available". This reveals details of the 1975 Roman Missal:

Libreria Editrice Vaticana , 1975
pp. 1000 cum inserto, cm. 17 x 24,
Format: Hardcover
Language: Latin
ISBN: 8820908611

This raises questions about whether a decision has been made not to publish a new edition of the Roman Missal, but simply to republish the 1975 edition.

It was expected that a new edition of the Roman Missal would be published about 30 June 2001. This followed comments of Archbishop Lipscomb of Mobile Chairman of the USCCB Bishops' Committee on the Liturgy (BCL). These were reported by EWTN on 16-Jun-2001 as an announcement that the "Latin editio typica of the Roman Missal (3rd ed.) should be published in approximately two weeks".

Update 19 Oct 2001.

Here is an extraordinary section section from the Vatican Information Service, on 18 Oct 2001:

... Then, referring to the congregation's publication since 1996 of the Third Typical Edition of the Roman Missal, the Book of Exorcisms, the Roman Martyrology and the Instructions on liturgical translations, the Holy Father exhorted the bishops ...

Another extraordinary element is that this was a message for their plenary assembly of September 26 to 29, but it has only been published now. I am not aware of the publication of the Third Edition of the Roman Missal. If the report on this message is correct, the pope thinks it has been published. Perhaps it is simply a mix up with the publication of Institutio Generalis last year.

Update 11 December 2001

I have been reading the Adoremus report in the December 2001 - January 2002 edition:

The bishops' action on the Holy See's critical observations paves the way for the appearance of the long-delayed new version of the Missal. The new Roman Missal is now expected by the end of this year. This will mean that the provisions of the Institutio, released in July 2000, can now take effect.

That suggests publication in the next 20 days. Time will tell.

Update 1 January 2002

As far as I can tell it has not been published.

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