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188. Everyone sits for the homily. It seems this should happen after the book has been kissed and when the deacon and other ministers have returned to their place (CB 141), rather than after saying "Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ".

189. According to IG 66, the homily may be given by the priest celebrant, a concelebrant, a deacon, or by a Bishop or priest who is present but cannot concelebrate. It can never be given by a lay person. In Masses with a congregation on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation, the homily may only be omitted for a grave reason. It is commended on other days.

190. For Mass with Children, "With the consent of the pastor or rector of the church, one of the adults may speak to the children after the gospel..." (DMC 24). Also "Sometimes the homily intended for children should become a dialogue with them" (DMC 48).

191. For a Stational Mass, the bishop gives the homily "seated in the chair (cathedra), unless he prefers another place in order to be seen and heard by all" (CB 142). He may use the miter and staff. A priest gives the homily standing at the chair, ambo, or another suitable place (IG 136).

192. After the homily there may be a period of silence (IG 136).



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