Discussing Archbishop Hart sitting for the Kyrie and Gloria at St Patrick's cathedral today.


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Last Sunday everyone stood


1333 K Sun 30 Jun 2002

At St Patrick's Cathedral in Melbourne Archbishop Hart and most of the people sat for the Kyrie and Gloria. Last Sunday everyone stood for it. According to the liturgical books everyone should stand for these parts of the Mass, as I wrote in my letter to Archbishop Hart of 23 April.

I have been thinking about explanations for the difference. One possibility is that last Sunday was an accident. Normally he sits for the Kyrie at the 1100 Sunday Mass. Last week he made a mistake and forgot to sit.

Another possibility is the different musical setting. Last Sunday everyone repeated "Kyrie eleison" but today only the choir sang the Kyrie. But if this is the reason it does not seem to be consistently followed with the Gloria. The people sang part of the Gloria both weeks. Last Sunday the Gloria was Richard Proulx's "Te Deum Mass" today it was his arrangement of "Missa de Angelis". Niether was particularly long.

Another possibility is that the Archbishop has changed his mind about standing for the Gloria. Perhaps he decided to stand last week, but there was an unpleasent reaction to this and so he decided to sit this week.

I am left confused and disappointed. According to the Code of Canon Law, canon 846.1:

The liturgical books, approved by the competent authority, are to be faithfully followed in the celebration of the sacraments. Accordingly, no one may on a personal initiative add to or omit or alter anything in those books.

The liturgical books all say to stand for the Kyrie and Gloria but Archbishop Hart did not do this today.

Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 30 June 2002.