The ordination to the priesthood of Reverend Paul Newton and Reverend Anthony Denton.


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1928 K Sat 29 Jun 2002

This morning at St Patrick's Cathedral in Melbourne I saw two ordinations to the priesthood: Paul Newton and Anthony Denton.

After Archbishop Hart stood for the Kyrie and Gloria last Sunday I was particularly disappointed that he sat for them today.

Another disappointment was that instituted lectors were available to do the readings but were not used. Instead the readings were by Mr Heinz Peter Wolf and Mrs Tess Brodie (according to the Mass booklet).

The Mass went for nearly two hours. Street parking was available using Parking Meters for a maximum of two hours. I was just in time to avoid being fined, leaving at the beginning of the recessional hymn (after the blessing). But lots of people would have received fines because they were parked for over two hours.

Some time could have been saved by having the Communion hymn during communion, rather than after it. Father Paul Newton is to be commended for not addressing the congregation and Father Anthony Denton for doing so briefly.

Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 29 June 2002.

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