Recent statements by Cardinal George and Bishop Manning on bishop's responsibilities.


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1142 K Wed 12 Jun 2002

I have found some encouraging reports since I wrote yesterday's journal.

According to Kelly Burke's article, Bishop Jarrett, in a written statement to the Nothern Star newspaper, says a silencing clause in the settlement was "inadvertently" retained.

Bishop Manning spoke about the "no silencing clause" of December 2000 Towards Healing policy document. He says it was discussed, unamiously agreed upon by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and that Australian bishops had no excuse for not knowing about it.

In the USA Cardinal George has another impressive column of 9 June. My highlight is what he wrote about the meeting of bishops in the USA:

.... But the deeper reality also at stake throughout the discussion of policies is the holiness of priests and the trustworthiness of bishops. ...

He is also reported as having a 10 June press conference (by

... "There have to be sanctions for a bishop who has been negligent, the same as there are sanctions for a priest" who has abused children, he said. ...

Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 12 June 2002.

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