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2325 Fri 3 Aug 2001

At this morning's class I was talking to some of the seminarians about a visit they had last night. At the Corpus Christi College, Carlton, Chapel he instituted the second year seminarians as lectors (also known as "readers").

I am glad the archbishop has done this, making it one of his first duties after his installation. But I would have preferred it to have been a more public event, at the cathedral like my installation last year, rather than the chapel. That way the Catholic community would know they have these ministers available for the service of the community. Given the archbishop's refusal to discuss instituted lectors on Sunday its not surprising that he did not have it at the cathedral.

The names of second year seminarians who were instititued are:

Trevor Jameson
Jeff Kleynjans
Kieran Meade
Thinh Nguyen
Nicholas Plazzer
Edwin Sammut

Will their "rite of passage" before ordination now be to undertaken a ministry, but not practice it? Will they have to wrestle with the contradictions of what priest's permit and liturgical law - instituted lectors must wear vestments, be in the entrance procession, and sit in the sanctuary?

According to the "General Introduction to the Lectionary for Mass", n 51:

The reader's ministry, which is conferred through a liturgical rite, must be held in respect. When there are instituted readers available, they are to carry out their office at least on Sundays and major feasts, especially at the principal Mass of the day.

I hope their experience of the ministry is a happier one than mine.

I saw Richmond defeat Collingwood at the MCG tonight.

Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 3 August 2001.