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0955 L Tue 30 Oct 2001

Earlier this year I joined the Liberal Party.

There is an election on 10 November, with John Howard, the Prime Minister, for the Liberals against the opposition, Kim Beazley.

Why did I come to pay about $18 for student membership of the Liberal Party? The main reason is to give support to the local Liberal member: Kevin Andrews.

There is an article about him on page 6 of The Australian, by Amanda Keenan:

Euthanasia activist dead-set on MP

Mercy killing crusader Philip Nitschke is spearheading a new campaign to unseat Kevin Andrews -- the man who scuttled his Northern Territory euthanasia legislation and the member for the once blue-ribbon Liberal seat of Menzies.

A greenbelt electorate east of Melbourne, Menzies was a Liberal stronghold until Dr Nitschke stood as an Indpendent against Mr Andrews in the 1998 federal election. He won 9.3 per cent of the vote, while the Andrews vote dropped by a similar amount. ...

Rather than stand as an Independent this time, Dr Nitschke is sponsoring a "Put Andrews Last" campaign ...

I have not been very involved in the Liberal Party, only having been to one meeting. Today the front page headline is "Labor in deep trouble". But Kevin Andrews wrote in his campaign letter of 17 October: "If the Coalition winning is perceived as a fait accompli, it may become the pivotal moment a third term of government disappears." So I think I should make a better contribution.

Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 30 October 2001.


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