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2226 Mon 30 Jul 2001

This morning I did an assignment for "The Church in Asia" doing a lot of the research on the internet. Part of it was showing places on a map. I spent about15 minutes searching my bookshelves for an atlas. There are two around somewhere, but I couldn't find them. So I was forced to use the computer.

The iMac computer I use came with the "World Book Encyclopedia" on CD. It was quite amazing how quickly I could type in the names. If the name I had did not appear on the map I could quickly search the rest of the CD for it, such as finding out that a name I had was Beijing's old name. So a good learning exercise.

I tried to go a step further and look up the Mannix Library catalogue. Unfortunately the internet system would not work. I don't know if its because I am using a Macintosh computer or not.

The Mannix Library is where I do most of my essay writing on my PowerBook 100. It would not start for me this afternoon, so ended up doing half the assignment by hand. When I had finished writing it I tried the computer again, with the Zip drive on its side, and it worked. Fairly unreliable, with assignments to do. Perhaps I need to buy a hard disk.

Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 30 July 2001.