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2251 L Sat 29 Dec 2001

I have been thinking about amateurs and professionals today. The Australian has an editorial:

Let's salute the spirit of the volunteer

... Faced this Christmas with threats to life and property, the unpaid men and women of our volunteer fire brigades rose to the challenge they meet every summer. Their unstinting efforts battling the more than 100 fires have helped ensure that so far no lives have been lost. In union with the professional fire-fighters they have worked to protect hundreds of homes and preserved much bushland. ...

Today the Australian cricket team won the test at the MCG. Australia honours them, they are well rewarded. Today thousands of other games will have been played with few spectators and people unpaid. In fact I expect they pay to be part of the clubs and for the equipment.

Similarly with the Church. There are those making a living out of it, the full time professionals -- priests, religious, paid employees -- and there are lots of volunteers. I remember the Australian bishops paying tribute to them in a document.

I guess it highlights that there is more to life than money. People do things for other reasons. People choose to do things that they find worthwhile. Society pays people for particular commitments, for being the best and for accepting responsibilities. But I am still struggling to understand it.

Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 29 December 2001.

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