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1541 L Fri 28 Dec 2001

I used to search for "instituted lector" and "instituted acolyte". was top of the list for both. For "instituted lector" there were only four other results and for "instituted reader" there were only 10 others (not including the other "very similar" results).

I did a search for "lay ministry" are there are about 16,700 results. A hugh number by comparison.

So there seem to be thousands of people discussing lay ministry, probably promoting it as a wonderful idea. But hardly anyone is educating people about or discussing the actual lay ministry of instituted lector. This is dispite the fact that it is already part of Canon Law and liturgical law.

I wonder whether things will be different in ten years time.

I also used the advanced search at to search for "lector" on Doing this I found something the Pope had said about them in 1998, and have added the link on the right to it.

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