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0934 Sat 28 Jul 2001

Last night Richmond Football Club beat the Bulldogs by just two points. It was a big game and an important win for them. But I wasn't there.

Instead I returned to the seminary, Corpus Christi College Carlton, for the first time since I stopped being a seminarian there about a year ago. It was a great night with lots of funny skits.

A particularly clever one used hand puppets for "Snow White and the Seven Dorfs". The "dorfs" were seminarians, going to work at prayers in the chapel. There was also an updated "Romeo and Juliet" via mobile phones and www.Romeo.com, www.Juliet.com etc.

I enjoyed the night. There seemed to a lot more creativity than I remember in earlier years, with the seminarians writing most of the material, rather than using skits that had already been written.

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