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First Journal 28 June 2001


1045 K Fri 28 Jun 2002

I began this journal a year ago. The web site was mainly about the Roman Missal and I was expecting it to be published on about 30 June 2001. This did not happen, but I found lots of other things to write about.

Today The Age has an article about the difficulties of online publishing. It includes:

... Adding to the difficulties of companies such as Salon Media is the popularity of web loggers, known as "bloggers". They produce highly individual and opinionated websites, that are constantly updated. ...

I would like to think that my journal has been real journalism, rather than logging what is on the internet.

The Journal and web site have been about trying to fulfill the mission I was given as an instituted lector by Archbishop Pell on 27 February 2000:

... You will proclaim that word in the liturgical assembly, instruct children and adults in the faith and prepare them to receive the sacraments worthily. ... (From the homily in the Mass for the institution of readers)

I am still trying to do the readings at Mass, despite the failure of the Tribunal case. In providing instruction the aim has largely been that people will participate in the liturgy correctly, following the liturgical books.

It amazes me how little interest others seem to have in this. The new Roman Missal was published over three months ago but not much has been written about it (at least in English on the internet) except by me.

Trying to review the year, I think there has been a significant decline in trust. The world has become more skeptical and more willing to face up to the truth. September 11 has been a big factor. The main stories about truth have been children overboard and the handling of sexual abuse allegations in the Church.

But I think there is still a lot of self deception happening. As Jesus said in Mark 4:12

so that they may look and look, but never perceive;
listen and listen, but never understand;
to avoid changing their ways and being healed.

Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 28 June 2002. Bible extract from The New Jerusalem Bible, (Darton, Longmann & Todd) 1990.

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