A discussion of the approaches to concerns about the Catholic Church by Paul Gray, President George W. Bush and Cardinal George.


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1050 K Tue 28 May 2002

Paul Gray writes in both the Herald Sun newspaper and Kairos, the fortnightly magazine of the Melbourne archdiocese.

Today he has suggestions for the Catholic hierarchy:

... Get more priests who actually believe in the church's sacred mission of spreading the love and grace of God. And get rid of all the ones who don't believe in it any more. ... (From Herald Sun, "Saving faith in the pews, page 18).

His position is "... the recent Catholic priesthood has, by and large, failed to spread the faith."

Its a harsh assessment. In fairness he also has positive things to say about the Catholic priesthood, particularly Father Damien in the movie Molokai. (I could not find the article at www.heraldsun.com.au).

I disagree with the suggestion to "get rid of the all the ones who don't believe in it any more." How could it be done? If priests are to be dismissed it should be a penalty because of wrong actions, rather than wrong beliefs.

Of course he is not the only one concerned. President George W. Bush has recently said what he will say to the Pope: "I will tell him that I am concerned about the Catholic Church in America, I'm concerned about its standing."

I think Cardinal George's column of 26 May has a more helpful approach than Paul Gray's. He discusses priests, ecclesial lay ministry and plans to sell his house.

Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 28 May 2002.

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