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At the Vatican, the first reading was proclaimed in Spanish by a man, Diego Arias. No indication was given about him being a seminarian. If he was an instituted lector he was not wearing vestments, as required by the Introduction to the Lectionary for Mass, n. 54.

The second reading was proclaimed by a woman, Aneesia Flynn.

So, from what I could tell, it is possible that this year there was no instituted lector present. Therefore, according to the 2002 General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM): "101. In the absence of an instituted lector, other laypersons may be commissioned to proclaim the readings from Sacred Scripture."

But another liturgical book was not followed. Ceremonial of Bishops, n. 31: "But in celebrations presided over by the bishop it is fitting that readers formally instituted proclaim the readings ...". (Ceremonial of Bishops, Liturgical Press, 1989, ISBN 0-8146-1818-9, page 25).

This year it was not even "half followed" with one reading by an instituted lector.

Another strange practice is after the second reading. Instead of the deacon being blessed by the Pope before he gets the Book of the Gospels, it was done the other way around. So there is a failure to follow the liturgical books:

Ceremonial of Bishops: "70. Neither a genuflection nor a deep bow is made by those who are carrying articles used in a celebration, for example, the cross, candlesticks, the Book of the Gospels."

GIRM: "175. If incense is used, the deacon assists the priest when he puts incense in the thurible during the singing of the Alleluia or other chant. Then he makes a profound bow before the priest and asks for the blessing, saying in a low voice, Iube, domine, benedicere (Father, give me your blessing). The priest blesses him, saying, Dominus sit in corde tuo (The Lord be in your heart). The deacon signs himself with the Sign of the Cross and responds, Amen. Having bowed to the altar, he then takes up the Book of the Gospels which was placed upon it."

By J.R. Lilburne, 26 December, 2007. I give what I have written on this page to the public domain.