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1510 K Wed 26 Sep 2001

I have been particularly impressed with a few things I have read today.

On page 11 of The Australian there is a very good article by Paul Kelly "Battle of ideas must also be won". He presents the crisis as "a force from the medieval world: .... a force that defies comprehension because it embodies what has been rejected - fanaticism, absolutism, religious fundamentalism. Its language is that of martyrs - and martyrs, you may have noticed, a somewhat out of fashion in the secular West. It uses the tools of the present, but its mind-set is ancient. It is a struggle betweenthe pre-modern and postmodern mind-sets, and entirely new and epic challenge." The other good point he makes: "Does anybody believe that this act is merely a one-off that won't be repeated?" He sees denial as an understandable instinct, but overlook the words of bin Laden and his supporters. "They aim to launch more attacks, kill more Americans, and overthrow governments. Doing nothing only gives them heart." What he is saying is frightening. But it rings true with me. I think he is expressing very well the concerns I have.

I am back to classes next week, including medieval philosophy. It seems a world away, but it has just been a few weeks break. I need to get back to this "Battle of ideas".

The other impressive things I have read are the links on the right, about what the Pope and Vatican are saying.

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