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2223 Sun 26 Aug 2001

The "Mass Sheet" at the cathedral today had the following:

Any parish community that is truly alive is never content to stay the way that it is. ....

Reading the Lesson from the Scripture at Mass is a privileged involvement that presently has vacancies on weekdays. ...

Please consider the foregoing, and if you would like to find out about any particular one of these, you are invited to fill in the tear off section on page 2, and either send it to Mrs Jan Herbert, St. Patrick's Cathedral, P.O. Box 146, East Melbourne, 3002 ...

Hopefully I will be able to fulfill my role as lector, at least on weekdays. The most likely Masss time would be 0800, which will mean leaving at about 0630, instead of 0830. But I would welcome the change.

After Mass the people belonging to the "Legion of Mary" served coffee and biscuits. I had some lunch, did some reading and bought a book before catching the train to Mitcham.

The "Kepha" group of "youth" (aged 18-35) were meeting there at 1815. It was interesting to hear about Saint Monica, whose feast day is tomorrow. She was the mother of Saint Augustine, who I have been reading about in "Early Church History".

With Miranda this evening we started a new play: Medea. Lots of fun.

Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 26 August 2001.