now appears in Google searches, after being missing for a few weeks. Perhaps Anita Roddick's recent writings have lead to this.  


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Google have lost me, 3 May 2002


2351 K Sun 26 May 2002 have found me again.

Since 3 May no pages have appeared in the results of I have been checking every few days and today noticed that I was back. They seem to have 323 pages of cached.

I do not know why I was lost. But I notice that Anita Roddick has been writing about Google's results. I think she has been making a lot of sense. Perhaps it helped some people at Google with their decision making.

I notice that searching for Anita Roddick now has has the No 1 result. On 23 May she wrote that she was on the ninth or tenth page.

Whatever the reason, its good to have back on Thanks to whoever did it.

Recently I have been using Google's news service for reports on Catholic stories. Another excellent service from them.

I had removed the search connection I had to Google, but I am now replacing it.

0030 K Mon 27 May 2002

Google seem to have lost me again. Checking again gives the result: No pages were found containing "". There were results a few hours ago, but not now. I don't know why.

0047 K Mon 27 May 2002

Now I am back in the results. Very confusing.

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