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2227 L Mon 24 Dec 2001

I went to the Christmas vigil Mass at Saint Annes Church in Park Orchards. The parish priest is, Reverend Denis Andrew (O. Carm).

Lots of things were changed from what is in the Roman Missal. For the Gloria, "Angels we have Heard on High" was sung. Instead of psalm 88 there was just a modified response sung. The Gospel Acclamation did not include "Alleluia". Instead of the Creed something had been composed, which Father Denis read and the congregation responded: "We believe, we truly believe". The Third Eucharistic Prayer was used, but there were changes to the wording: "Mary, the virgin mother of God" Father Denis changed to "Mary, the mother of God." Most of the congregation said the conclusion to the Eucharistic Prayer "Through him, with him, in him ...". Communion was given to the Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers before Father Denis had received communion. Self intinction was practiced by some of those receiving communion. Announcements were made before the Prayer After Communion.

I wonder what is happening. Creativity taken to extremes? A declaration of independence? Pursuing a reform agenda? A lack of guidance?

A lot of people volunteered a lot of their time to the Mass. Not many would know much about the liturgical books or the instructions in them.

I wonder about the effects of such a ceremony.

Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 24 December 2001.

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