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1442 Tue 24 Jul 2001

I have been thinking more about religion and politics today. Here is link to the speeches by Pope John Paul II and President Bush at their meeting. It seems to me a very positive example of the interaction.

Another story is from the front page of "The Australian" with the caption "A religious official holds the Koran over Ms Megawati during a parliamentary ceremony to swear in the new leader." She is replacing President Wahid, who I think is a Muslim cleric.

Closer to home, on page 3 of "The Australian", there is Senator Stott Despoja: "Natasha Stott Despoja visited the Melbourne abortion clinic where a security guard was shot dead last week - but rejected suggestions that she was politicising the debate." She is quoted as saying "I am a pro-choice legislator and proud feminist and I'm angry that women who may attend that clinic are subject to harassment and intimidation." Her party did well at a recent by-election, which I think was largly due to her successful public relations work. Here I think she has made a mistake.

Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 24 July 2001.