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2226 Mon 23 Jul 2001

There was a story this morning about an explosion at a Church in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. I visited there a few years ago. It was mentioned a couple of times in the class tonight on Asia Church History, which looks at the relationship of religion and politics. Father Peter Hansen rungs the course. He used to be the assistant priest at Mitcham, and now rungs the Mary of the Cross centre in Fitzroy. I think it works on assisting drug addicts and education for them.

I rode my bike to Mitcham station, visited the Tax Office in Box Hill for forms, and then went to Mass at the Cathedral. I spent the afternoon working on the tutorial on Psalm 59. I got it finished, so I will be able to spend the day at home tomorrow, probably working on the tax return and finances.

Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 23 July 2001.