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1433 Tue 21 Aug 2001

I have just been watching "Four Corners: Celebrating 40 Years". Its a news program on Monday nights, repeated 1300 Tuesday. Its importance as a program is its "investigative journalism". One of the people described it as shining the spotlight on dark corners that people don't want you to see.

From my perspective the story "The Vatican's Verdict" in 1999 was particularly important. It was largely about the clamping down on the use of the "Third Rite of Reconciliation" in Australia, the work being done by Paul Brazier. Several Australian bishops were interviewed. I had only been in seminary a few months when it was on. It has helped give me a strong sense of the importance of following the Church's liturgical laws.

Watching a 40 year summary highlighted to me what an important part of the political process the program is.

Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 21 August 2001.


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