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1443 Sat 21 Jul 2001

I have been reading some history this morning. Phillp Adams has an article in "The Australian" saying "History is" rather than "was". I tried to answer a question on www.askme.com about "Foxe's Book of Martyrs" which is about protestant Marytr during Mary's reign. Unfortunately I had mixed up "Mary, Queen of Scots" with "Queen Mary I" and so had to correct it. This tends to be a fairly complicated process. When I press the "submit" button, nothing happens, so I press it again and it goes up twice. So I had to correct it twice as well. Trying to fix history for now.

2307 Sat 21 Jul 2001

I went to Mass at Saint Frances' in Melbourne tonight. I was impressed to see that they had a male lector, who wore an alb. He did the first two readings and the general intercessions.

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