Pentecost Sunday, Rainbow Sash protestors and blessings at communion time.


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1448 K Mon 20 May 2002

A dramatic Pentecost Sunday at the cathedral yesterday, with TV cameras and rainbow sash protestors. Archbishop Hart did not say "Please sit" for the Gloria, so I stood for that. The cantor asked us to stand for the Communion Hymn, so most of us were standing for that. I stood for the Sequence, but others did not, I was not sure, so I sat again.

A photo in the Herald Sun newspaper has Archbishop Hart giving a blessing instead of communion. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Archbishop Pell was not doing this:

... But his refusal to even offer a blessing to sash-wearers, as he had done in his previous role as archbishop of Melbourne, suggests he is taking a harder line with the fledgling Sydney movement. ...

But The Australian reports:

... Dr Pell yesterday refused the eucharist to a dozen gays and lesbians, blessing them instead. ...

Anyway I hope Archbishop Pell did not bless them. Communion time is not the time for a blessing. There is one for everyone at the end of Mass.

Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 20 May 2002.

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