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2049 L Wed 19 Dec 2001

I got my results from Catholic Theological College today. I failed one of the five units from this semester: Rediscovering Medieval Wisdom 40%. The course was run by Father Anthony Fisher, a Dominican. The assessment was 20% for a 1000 word paper, 40% for a 2500 word essay, and 40% for the exam. Its the first unit I have failed in the degree, so its a disappointing result.

Results for the other units: The Church in Asia, 74%; The Early Church 73%, Psalms 70% and Metaphysics 61%.

So to complete the degree in Theology I now need two units, rather than the one. Perhaps I will do "Political Philosophy and the Critique of Ideology" in second semester next year, which is on Thursday nights. The other unit I am planning to do is Liturgy A, on Wednesday nights in the first semester.

Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 19 December 2001.

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