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1940 L Mon 19 Nov 2001

I have been thinking about what to write about, now that I am looking for a job.

Here is an extract from Job Hunting for Dummies (2nd Ed), by Max Messmer, page 16:

Looking for a job is no one's idea of fun, and anything you can do to help you meet the challenge more efficiently with less stress is worth thinking about.

Setting Up Your Job Hunt Headquarters

Every job search needs a base or operations center -- a single place where you can manage your job search efficiently.

Yes, it's possible that you could be hired for a new job in only a few weeks, in which case it would be ridiculous to go to the bother and expense of setting up and outfitting a full-fledged home office. The reality, though, is that your job search -- especially if you have a specific target in mind and are not willing to settle for anything else -- is likely to last for several months, not several weeks. If you're not well organized, the wait will probably seem even longer.

I doubt that several months of me writing about applying for jobs, going for interviews, researching employers would be of much interest to those interested in the Roman rite. Nor does it make sense for me to publish such details when I am going to be involved in negotiations with employers.

Perhaps I will have plenty of other things to write about. But a discussion of the first reading of each Mass may be useful.

Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 19 November 2001.


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