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2105 L Sun 18 Nov 2001

At the cathedral this morning I thought Archbishop Hart gave a particularly good homily -- on prophecy, hell, and being prepared by taking action.

I visited Miranda in hospital and did some reading in the State Library. Particularly interesting was a speech by Lieutenant General Gosgrove, about leadership qualities: "strength of character, high professional competence and sheer persistence", "sustained and consistent sensible direction, as distinct from micro-management", "At its core, the essence of leadership is integrity." He concluded with "potential key difficulties facing Australian society": the first was "Family breakdown" the last "Distrust of traditional organizations".

Another thing I have been impressed with recently is the advanced search engine on One thing you can do is search a particular site for things, simply by typing in, for example or Any topic of interest can be brought up, such as a particular location or a particlar topic. It often worries me what people write on Perhaps if they realised how public what they write is and how easily things can be searched for they would be more careful.

Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 18 November 2001.


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