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1954 Sat 18 Aug 2001

I saw Richmond have a good win today at Colonial Stadium. They beat the West Coast Eagles by about 10 goals.

I wanted something to read on the train, so I took "Animal Farm" by George Orwell and have already finished it. I read his book "1984" in Year 12 at school, in 1984.

Animal Farm's subtitle is "A Fairy Story". But it is writing about politics, in particular revolutions and how goverments evolve. Again it reminds me of Aristotle's Politics. In the story, the time of revolution laws are made that seem fair to everyone. But these are changed by the powerful to give them priveleges.

Today's Australian newspaper has a report "Overhaul of tax breaks for charities":

After months of hearings and scores of submissions, a federal Government inquiry has recommended that a British-style charities commission be established.

I think it needs fixing, but in the short term it seems to be creating more uncertainity about what the laws will be.

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