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1733 K Sun 14 Oct 2001

Last night I watched a video of the movie The Insider, with Russell Crowe and Al Pacino. It is very good, about journalists working about 10 years ago. I reminded me a lot of the issues in the book I read a month ago, Crimes of Obedience, about groups and the difficulty for those in them in confronting those in authority.

I searched for "instituted lectors" and spent a few hours looking at what was there. Not very much. This site is at the top of the list. One useful article was on page 13 of the search: It discusses the issue: May a lay person proclaim all the readings at Mass? After explaining only a cleric may read the Gospel it has:

... Regarding the other readings and responsorial psalm, only a person properly instituted for the purpose of reading during Mass should read them. The Church first prefers a man installed into the ministry of lector to read the readings (cf. Canon 230.1, 2). In the absence of such a man, other laity, women included, who have received proper training and authorization as a reader may read. ...

Quite simple, quite obvious. But not practiced, at least in my case.

I was awake late and slept in, so I drove in the city for Mass at the Cathedral. I was amazed by how calm I was, standing for the Gloria with nearly everyone else sitting. Has it become the standard practice, is it because I am feeling sick, or inspiration from watching The Insider? At communion a man received the consecrated host but did not consume it, holding it in one hand. I calmly stood up, blocked his path, stopped him, "Excuse me, have you received communion?" He consumed it. What he was doing was wrong and I was prepared to confront him.

This afternoon I watched another video "Tom Clancy's Op Center". I guess there must be hundreds of groups like it - gathering intelligence on what is happening regarding terrorists.

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