Discussing some of the publications by Dennis Smolarski, S.J. on Catholic liturgy.


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Fr Dennis Smolarski, S.J.

In looking at some of the new books being published by Liturgy Training Publications I noticed two particularly interesting Question and Answer books by Father Dennis C. Smolarski, S.J. The questions being answered are similar to ones I have addressed on RomanRite.com.

I have read two of his books and been very impressed with them:

Liturgical Literacy: From Anamnesis to Worship and

How not To Say Mass: A Guidebook For All Concerned About Authentic Worship.

Liturgical Literacy is a dictionary of liturgical terms. Many are available on the internet at: www.catholicgbg.org/tasteandseeweb/resources/hometab/liturgicalterms.html

Looking at the complete list of his publications highlights the depth of his contribution to Catholic liturgy.

Posted by J.R. Lilburne 13 August 2002. I give what I have written on this page to the public domain.

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