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Archbishop Pell on Leadership

I think Archbishop Pell has delivered an excellent Pentecost Message on leadership.

I am in the ongoing situation of standing alone for the Gloria at the 11.00 am Sunday Mass at the Melbourne cathedral while others sit for it. So I find following extracts particularly encouraging:

... Many times since I was a boy I have heard it said that unless people stand for something they will fall for anything. This is almost completely true. ...

The first such occasion when we go against the flow is often the most difficult. Every time we take a stand it becomes a little easier next time. Every time we fail to rise to the challenge it becomes harder. When we regularly face the small challenges, we are better able to resist grave temptations. When I was educated years ago, again and again, we were urged to stand on our own feet, make up our own mind, not go with the crowd. This was good, indeed invaluable, advice. ...

Christian leaders worship and pray regularly for themselves and others; for forgiveness, for wisdom and strength and to praise God.

They know what they stand for. ...

Another excellent part of the message is:

Leaders too are called to act against abuses, justly and prudently. Victims and outsiders of good will require this. So does justice.

Yesterday The Age newspaper had a good example of such a situation:

Angry Bunnings cites rebel traders
June 12 2003
By Darren Gray, Larissa Dubecki

Hardware giant Bunnings will give police and the State Government a list of rival traders and other businesses it believes opened their doors on Easter Sunday in breach of state laws.

Bunnings is angry that it complied with the law and lost millions of dollars in revenue, while other businesses may have broken the law but will escape penalty. ...

Mr Davis, the managing director, is quoted: "The fact that others who ignored the Government's wishes will now not be penalised is a bitter pill to swallow." According to the article:

Last week Police Minister Andre Haermeyer said stores found by police to have breached the law would not be prosecuted but let off with a warning.

I think Bunnings acted lawfully and justly by closing on Easter Sunday. I have sympathy for their position and will be inclined to shop there rather than at other hardware shops.


By J.R. Lilburne, 13 June 2003. I give what I have written on this page to the public domain.

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