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2326 K Fri 12 Oct 2001

I visited Miranda in hospital this afternoon. She had a 3 hour operation yesterday on her legs so that they are now about the same length. She was quite drowsy.

When I arrived in the city this morning there were was a lot happening at the station. A stage was being set up and lots of tables. I walked down to read a sign to see what it was about: Yarra Trams, were putting on a show for their new 109 tram.

I had three strange incidents on trams today.

(1) After class I was going into the city. The driver spoke on a radio, then told everyone to get off, because he had been told to take his tram back. I remember reading a story in newspaper that to run trams on time they were not doing the whole trip. I don't know if that was the case on this occassion.

(2) I had some lunch and then got on a tram to go the hospital. It just sat there for about 10 minutes. Then the driver explained that there was no electricity, he did not know how long it would take to fix. I think it was about 40 minutes until I was able to do the trip.

(3) On the way to the hospital two trams were passing on a bend. I saw the other tram was close, then there was a loud bang. I think a mirror must have been sticking out resulting in the collision. I did not see any damage.

In general I think trams are great, a clean form of public transport, and a special feature of Melbourne. But I think they should be giving more attention to the basics, rather than doing shows for new trams.

Last night I saw Rupert Murdoch, who is in charge of News Corporation, publisher of The Australian newspaper. He was giving a speech, connected with the State Library. I was impressed by his emphasis on the importance of education. Tonight I saw a movied, produced by his 20th Century Fox, called "Kiss of the Dragon". I thought it was a good martial arts movie and also liked Brigid Fonda in it.

Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 12 October 2001.


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