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1407 L Sun 11 Nov 2001

My recent journal entries have been brief, with lots of work to do for the exams next week at CTC.

Yesterday the Liberals won the election and Kevin Andrews was returned. I am pleased with that. I had a good time at a party, seeing the election results on TV.

During Mass today there was a minute's silence during the examination of conscience, since it is Remembrance Day. I thought that was appropriate. Unfortunately after the "Lord, have mercy" had been used by the Archbishop, the choir sang the Kyrie. The seminarians were there for their last Mass of the seminary year. Unfortunately it was another case of instituted lectors clearly being available, but not doing the readings, with "non-instituted lectors" doing them instead.

I am concerned about Miranda. I have been told that her recovery from the operation is not going well and she is in intensive care.

Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 11 November 2001.


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