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1808 L Sun 10 Feb 2002

This weekend I have been to the Thomas More Summer School. I did not attend the morning lectures, so my programme was:

1930 Friday Archbishop Hart "The Fabulous Role of the Laity"

1330 Saturday Dr Mary Walsh "The Vines and the Grapes for a Catholic Doctor"

1430 Saturday Fr Greg Pritchard "Restoring the Liturgy in the New Millennium"

1630 Saturday Fr John Fleming "New technologies - the challenges"

1330 Sunday Gavan Duffy "They Answered His Call: 20th Century Catholic Action"

1430 Sunday Fr Anthony Fisher "Saints Thomas More and John Fisher: Examples to follow".

They were good talks. On the train I have been reading "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" by Douglas Adams. He has a very entertaining approach to philosophy. Last night I saw the Spy Game.

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