Discussing Helen Hull Hitchcock's article in the Adoremus Bulletin for July 2002 .


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1508 K Tue 9 Jul 2002

The Adoremus Bulletin for July-August is on the internet with lots of interesting articles on Catholic liturgy.

The article by Helen Hull Hitchcock raises lots of questions I have been writing about in terms of unity and the role of bishops and Bishops' Conferences.

My answer to the questions on unity and uniformity comes from Canon 846 of the Code of Canon Law: "The liturgical books, approved by the competent authority, are to be faithfully followed in the celebration of the sacraments."

So when the 2002 Roman Missal gives an option for the bishops to decide something their decision should be followed. When it does not give them this option the liturgical book is to be followed.

Hopefully Helen is correct that the 2002 Roman Missal will mean a "new springtime" in Catholic worship.

Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 9 July 2002.

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