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Father Dowling corrected the problem of announcements before the Prayer After Communion, as described in my Journal of 21 July 2002.






1137 L Mon 7 Jan 2002

I saw Monsters Inc on Saturday night which I thought was good. Amazing computer animation. There was a short film before it, also made by Pixar, called For the Birds. I have added a link to it.

Father Dowling was the celebrant at the 1100 Mass at the Cathedral yesterday, with the Archbishop being on holidays. When he stood for the Prayer After Communion lots of people stood, as they should. Instead he made announcements, which he should not. Then he asked people to stand for what he incorrectly calls the "Concluding Prayer".

I think the reader was the same one as last week. I suppose there are changes to the roster with people being on holidays. On 26 August 2001 there was a notice about readers being needed, which I discussed in this journal. I wrote to them about it, but have not yet received a reply.

It was a hot afternoon which I was fortunate enough to spend in and out of a pool with good company.

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