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2036 L Tue 5 Mar 2002

I have been thinking about the military today, perhaps because of a major battle presently happening in Afghanistan that involves Australian S.A.S. troops.

I watched 4 Corners which I thought had a very good coverage of the children overboard story. The other links on the right are things I read today.

This afternoon I was impressed with the movie Black Hawk Down. It was almost like a documentary with written information at the beginning about Somalia in 1993, war leading to famine with 300 000 dying.

Its depressing stuff. There is a quote at the beginning from Plato that says something like "Only the dead know an end to war." In the last week there have been reports of part of the U.S. government operating in bunkers since September 11, just in case.

I will conclude with a prayer from the Roman Missal, the Prayer Over the Gifts, for a Mass "In time of war or civil disturbance":

remember Christ your Son who is peace itself
and who has washed away our hatred with his blood.
Because you love all men,
look with mercy on us.
Banish the violence and evil within us,
and by this offering restore tranquility and peace.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 5 March 2002.


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