John Lilburne's journal about standing for the Prayer After Communion with Monsignor Elliott.


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Father Dowling corrected this problem, described in Journal 21 July 2002.





2018 L Sun 4 Nov 2001

It has been a warm day today, about 28 degrees. I rode my bike to the station for the first time in a couple of months.

Father Dowling was the presiding celebrant at the Cathedral today, concelebrating with Monsignor Peter Elliott. After communion Father Dowling stands and should give what is called the "Prayer After Communion". Instead he calls this prayer the "Concluding Prayer". Before it he often makes announcements and thanks people. In the book "Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite" (Ignatius Press, 1995) Monsignor Elliott wrote, for this part of the Mass:

The celebrant either stands at the chair or he returns to the center of the altar. The people should stand when he stands because "Let us pray" is not an invitation to stand. (page 354)

So both me and Monsignor Elliott were standing while Father Dowling thanked everyone.

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