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1439 Tue 4 Sep 2001

I have a swollen finger after chopping blackberries on Sunday. So last night's lecture was quite different with me not taking notes.

Father Peter Hansen is the lecturer in "The Church in Asia". He also the director of the "Mary of the Cross Centre" in Fitzroy. Last night we covered recent Church history on Japan and Korea. In Japan there was a survey in 1960, asking people about the church and Christianity. It was interesting to see the evaluation of costs and benefits being discussed. It fitted in with what I wrote about "stigmas" and "sacrifices" in yesterday's journal.

This morning I collected a set a spectacles. I don't have to wear them - for example, I can drive legally without them. But they do improve my vision of things at long distances.

I have borrowed a book from the Ringwood Library: "Web Word Wizardry" by Rachel McAlpine. It has lots of advice on how to make web pages so that they will be easier to find. One of her main suggestions is: "Place the description at the top of the page." I will try doing that.

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