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2224 K Wed 3 Oct 2001

Last night I saw Prime Minister Tony Blair give a speech. The first half hour of it was broadcast live her in Australia. I was very impressed with it -- the emphasis on the families of those killed on 11 September not wanting revenge or justice, but that there is a dangerous situation that needs to be dealth with. I also thought he did a good job of giving the broader range of considerations of the problems in Afghanistan and the need for humanitarian aid.

Yesterday afternoon I spent a few hours changing parts of the site about the U.S. Bishop's document "This Holy and Living Sacrifice". I was convinced that the liturgical laws said only acolytes could do the purifications at Mass, not other Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. When I visited they had a review of I had been there before, but thought I would have a look. While there I came across an answer in Notitiae that meant I was wrong about who could do purifications. So I made some changes. Sorry to have been putting out the wrong information for the past few months.

I rode my bike again for the first time in a few weeks and had a class on Early Church in the morning and Psalms this evening.

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