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1958 L Fri 2 Nov 2001

I had my last class for the year today. It was a very good one in Medieval Philosophy, by Father Anthony Fisher. He covered Saint Catherine of Siena and Saint Thomas More, who were both lay people.

I spent the afternoon in the library reading. While I was there I looked at The Summit magazine, produced by the Office for Worship of the Melbourne Archdiocese. Two people are leaving at the end of the year, including Michael Wood, the director. I did a course on being cantor with him in 1999.

On the forum someone said she was planning to go into a convent and was looking for suggestions on spirituality. I began with the Church's liturgy: daily Mass, the Liturgy of the Hours, and the sacrament of Penance. In terms of activity, that is what religious do. I have been thinking about how important the liturgy is for the Church. As was said at Vatican II in 1963: "... the liturgy is the summit toward which the activity of the Chruch is directed; at the same time it is the fount from which all the Church's power flows." (SC 10).

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